Apsis software is packed with all the features required for a modern business operating within the Built Environment and Construction sectors. Our features have been carefully designed to give you the business functionality to fully  control and plan your resources to deliver a total management solution to all your projects.

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Accurate resource estimating is fundamental to delivering successful and profitable projects.  Apsis estimating features have been created to deliver fast, accurate estimates, even if you have limited previous estimating experience.
  • Bill of Quantity Generator.
  • Calculate and analyse estimating resources for Labour, Plant, Material and Sub-Contractors.
  • Apsis pricing libraries included at no additional costs nor upgrade required.
  • Build and create your own bespoke estimating library.
  • Integrate supplier current prices automatically into estimates.
  • Prepare professional quotations and reports.
  • Provide live sales success rates analysis.
  • Fully customisable Work Breakdown Structure to integrate your existing data.

Project Planning

If accurate estimating is fundamental to delivering project success, project planning is essential. The ability to transfer the estimating resources into a coherent plan is quick and easy with Apsis project planning features providing the platform to plan, monitor and  predict the final outcome of the project timeline and resources.
  • Create professional Gantt Charts and Network Diagram.
  • Project plan fully synchronised with project estimate.
  • Project variations can be automatically added to project plan.
  • The Apsis Quick Programme feature, builds fully sequenced and resourced plans based on the Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Critical activities identified and re-calculated based on actual project delivery.
  • Daily resources calculated to identify labour resource requirements.
  • The Apsis auto-projection feature predicts the impact of delays, project risks and can smooth out the programme labour demands to maximise business productivity.


From planning to completion the ability to successful delivery a project is increasingly reliant  upon an organisation's procurement strategy and system to manage goods and services from the supply chain. Apsis procurement features the functionality to optimise, manage and monitor the performance against the project estimate and plan.
  • Generate customised purchase and sub contract orders for all goods and services.
  • Control and manage Hire Plant requirements and costs
  • Fast distribution and analysis of multiple supplier "Request for Quotations"
  • Live price updates and lower price for goods supplied through Apsis Supplier Partners.
  • Control and manage supplier invoices and goods delivery status.
  • Record, evaluate and process  sub-contractor payments.
  • Analyse planned procurement performance versus actual procurement performance.

Resource Planning

The Build Environment is dependent upon utilising a large number of trades persons and professionals to deliver a project. Recording and analysing the quantity and distribution of operational resources is critical to planning future resource requirements and understanding the business productivity. To deliver this critical business requirement, Apsis have designed a suite of features that will deliver significant benefits to all business sizes, from large organisations right down to the single owner business with one or two workers.
  • Create and manage your business resource schedule for all workers that can be automatically distributed across all projects.
  • Allocate and log worker timesheet activity and duration by project.
  • Identify, evaluate and develop mitigation strategies for all project risks, whist predicting the impact on business resources.
  • Allocate named resources to the project plan and identify over and under allocation.
  • Track and compare real time resource performance to optimise workforce efficiencies.

Contact and Supplier Management

Successful businesses develop a wide network of external stakeholders who interface at various times on specified projects. To maintain and develop these relationships, efforts should be directed at maintaining and managing all business contacts and supply chain partners. Apsis features facilitate the functionality required to record, manage and develop all significant business and project stakeholders and supply chain partners.
  • Record, store and evaluate business network organisations and supply chain partners.
  • Log and maintain contact details of key individuals within the business / project network.
  • Manage and monitor supplier activity and success rate by project and work breakdown activity.
  • Store and monitor the compliance of key business data status for VAT, CIS and Insurance renewal etc. to enforce good management of the supply chain.

Document Control

The Digital Transformation within the Built Environment has resulted in increased communication speed and the quantity of information dissemination across a number of media sources. The control, management and distribution of project documentation has a key role in delivering a successful project and reduces Time, Cost and Quality impacts that may result in undertaking re-works from utilising out of date documentation. Apsis document control repository provides the ideal portal to store, distribute and manage all project documentation.
  • Secure, non-corruptible or open to manipulation to provide an accurate account of all project documentation modelled on blockchain technology utilised by the financial services sector.
  • Set automatic distribution lists for revised documents.
  • Cloud hosted documentation provides freedom of unrestricted access and reduces on site data storage.
  • Store all industry common data files.
  • Import, open, view, edit and redistribute documentation directly into Apsis spreadsheet feature without the need to purchase third party software.

Quantity Surveying

Project quantification is a well-established core function of Built Environment projects. Although the industry has seen huge steps forward with the development BIM, for many organisations, manual quantification to develop take off schedules is still an important process. To assist in this activity Apsis features an integrated measurement take off tool that can produce accurate measurements from standard PDF and picture files.
  • Simple scale settings function allows a take off to be generated even when there is limited dimensional information available.
  • Easily calculate the lengths and areas, whilst providing the ability to quickly quantify the number of points on a drawing.
  • Multi layering feature to count multiple work package information from one drawing.
  • Multi-coloured making up drawing to indicate an item has been measured.
  • Export, design and format bespoke schedules utilising measurement data in conjunction with the Apsis spreadsheet function included as a standard Apsis features.

Commercial Management

Irrespective of how successfully a project is managed when delivering the operational functions, the project commercial management must also be delivered to the same level of planning, implementation, control and assessment.  Apsis commercial management features provide the integrated data structure needed to ensure that the commercial assessment is robustly calculated, utilising real-time information, automatically collated from the Apsis operational management features. This ensures accurate reporting is achieved with only minimum management input, delivering real business saving in admin costs and time.
  • Project valuation assessing the amount of work completed, the total cost variance to the original contract sum along with the quantification of un-fixed goods and services stored on the project.
  • Record project liabilities and future work assessment for accurate cost reporting.
  • Produce cash flow and payment statements.
  • Monitor and manage payment cycles.
  • Analyse and compare the operational assessment of project value compared to the commercial management assessment.
  • Generate Earned Value Data to predict the future commercial position and the most likely project outcome.

Business Performance

The assessment of Business Performance, within the Built Environment, is directly impacted by the project performance. It is essential that a focused, structured and coherent strategy is actively managed utilising agile project management and resource planning. If achieved, businesses can expect to see a direct correlation between effective project management and increases in productivity and profit. Apsis provides the complete solution to delivering increased Business Performance from integration of the Apsis software into your existing management structure, whilst utilising the feature business performance to visually display and generate report via flexible apsis spreadsheet tool.
  • Multi-level KPIs to monitor the business and project performance.
  • Integrate, analyse and report by joining Apsis structured data with your historical unstructured business data utilising the apsis spreadsheet tool.
  • Compare individual business performance with industry metrics comparable with the wider Apsis community.