Why Apsis

Irrespective of whether you are a large multi-national organisation or a small sole trader, working in the Built Environment, the importance of having access to your business data, through a structured and secure information technology platform cannot be underestimated. In particular, when considering the additional value that can be generated for your business from the ability to share and deliver accurate information in real-time.

Apsis has therefore been designed and developed to be used by over 95% of the businesses currently working in the construction and built environment sector. So whether your business has an existing system or you are a new business looking to develop your business’ capability,  Apsis has the functionality to meet your business needs and to drive increased business efficiency and accuracy, providing a platform to enhance business productivity and profitability.

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Made for You

Apsis has been developed for YOU by a team just like YOU.  Our vast industry experience and knowledge provides our team a unique insight into the issues that impact YOUR business performance.  Apsis provides a single platform to deliver all your resource planning and project management needs with system flexibility that gives YOU power over YOUR business data.

Low Cost – High Functionality

At Apsis our goal is to deliver the total resource planning and project management solution containing the highest level of functionality to meet the industry needs for the lowest comparable cost in the market place. With our continued growth strategy we aim to provide increased accessibility to advanced  functional software systems that were previously unaffordable to most businesses in the construction sector.

Building Business Success

Once Apsis is fully integrated into your business, we are confident that our system will be instrumental in informing your organisations development strategies for Building Business Success. Our system has been specifically designed to target increasing productivity and profitability by streamlining your management processes, directly resulting in reductions in management time and associated administration costs.

Cloud Hosted

Apsis fully understand that successful businesses need to be agile within a mobile industry that relies upon managing constant change and formation of new teams, in new locations, with very unique sets of project challenges. Hosted in the Cloud, Apsis provides a secure platform with easy access to live project data to ensure that your project team is informed and has access too all the resource planning and  project management data.

Real Time Performance Indicators

Our objective at Apsis is to strive to deliver continually increasing business performance, whilst producing market leading outputs.  To achieve our objective Apsis has developed the system functionality to produce real time performance indicators, which is analysed by Apsis, to give you a better understanding of your performance ranking in the market place.

Complete Data Integration

The management of your data in Apsis is structured to ensure that you can have total control of your resource planning and project management data. This is delivered by fully integrating your data on a single platform resulting in optimised data management and significant reduction in the need to transfer data to / from other software platforms to deliver stand alone  business functions. Thus avoiding your data becoming isolated and unstructured that precludes effective data analysis or incorporation in your business performance indicators.

Influence Future Business Needs

Apsis is fully committed to investing in our development programme to deliver even grater project and business management functionality. By choosing Apsis though our limited edition One Share offer you have the exclusive opportunity to influence the future development focus to ensure that future releases are designed to meet  specifically identified business needs, with the added value of incurring no additional upgrade payments to access additional functions incorporated into future releases of Apsis resource planning and project management software.