The Complete Solution
for Resource Planning
and Project Management

The success of every construction project, within the Built Environment, is based on the efficient and effective use of the available project resources, within a structured project management system. Apsis provides the platform and the functionality to allow all of your projects to be successfully delivered irrespective of your company size, type of organisation or role within the industry.

Buy now with Cloud based project & cost management software for the construction industry
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Cloud based project & cost management software for the construction industry

Influence Future Business

Have you ever been frustrated that your system’s functionality does not meet your requirements or been disappointed in the inflexibility of software and system developers to fully understand your business needs?

When subscribing to Apsis One-Share you will be invited to join our Apsis community. This provides you with the unique platform to develop your business network and to access live updates to industry data, that can make a real impact on your future business development, whilst providing you with the opportunity to influence the future Apsis software development strategies to meet new industry challenges or future business demands that we face.

Features and Tools

  • Estimating

    Fast and accurate project tendering with the Apsis pricing library and the fully customisable estimating system, resulting in providing accurate tender data to win more projects without increasing your admin cost.
  • Project Planning

    Generate fully automated project plans and monitor the live impact of project change and variations with only a few mouse clicks, whilst allowing full progress monitoring, critical path analysis and delay impact evaluation to be delivered, on demand, at each stage of your project.
  • Procurement

    Generate automated Requests for Quotation and control the purchasing of all goods, materials, plant and sub-contract orders with the added benefit of Live pricing update for all commonly used Built Environment products and the ability to compare supplier prices and monitor stock control / materials on site.
  • Resource Planning

    Plan, manage and monitor the business resources with Apsis Timesheets, Risk Management and Resource Allocation tools to optimise the efficiency of your workforce.
  • Contact / Supplier Management

    Record, monitor and manage all your client, project teams and supplier contacts information and performance.
  • Document Control

    Store, share and control revisions of all project documents, including the ability to set up automatic distribution lists to reduce admin time and increase accuracy of live document distribution.
  • Quantity Surveying

    Utilising the Apsis drawing measurement tool carry out building quantification and perform take-off's from standard PDF drawings without the need of any 3rd Party software.
  • Commercial Management

    Prepare interim valuations, invoices and commercial reports to fully understand and interrogate the current and future Earned Value Analysis across all work packages, labour, plant, material and sub-contractor costs.
  • Business Performance

    Analyse and compare your company performance against our apsis community live business performance data using our customisable dashboard and data analysis tools to benchmark and increase you profitability and productivity.

Don't just buy Apsis Software, Own it!

Apsis One Share offers the unique market opportunity to not just buy our comprehensive, feature packed resource planning and project management software, with no restriction to the number of projects, but also to own the opportunity to sell or transfer your licence(s) to your supply chain partners, project team members and customers. In addition to this, all active community members will participate in a 1% rebate based on the annual dividend performance of Apsis Business Components Ltd. With the expectation that over time the cost of the original customer purchase price could be fully recovered, resulting in a significant cost benefit for early adopters and Apsis influencers. View full terms and conditions

Cloud based project & cost management software for the construction industry

Additional Services

At Apsis, our teams ethos and focus is to ensure that all our community members receive the highest quality product, training and support. We understand that the services we offer need to be both flexible and agile to meet our customers requirements, irrespective of organisational size, budget constraints and time limitation.

  • software


    Apsis software is specifically designed for the construction industry and organisations working in the Built Environment sector. It is tailored to grow and expand with your business needs, to maximise your productivity and profitability.
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  • training


    Group and one-to-one training can be provided to suit individuals particular style / requirements. This includes workshop, webinars and formal classroom based training. All training can be scheduled to suit our clients busy workload.
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  • integration


    We understand that many of our clients have existing spreadsheets or databases that they would like to integrate into their new Apsis Software. This service can be carried out by team of technical support engineers to reduce customer switching costs and time.
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Apsis Community

At Apsis, our community ethos is designed to support our members to develop their business strategies and success. Our aim is to develop a community that can increase its knowledge, through understanding the impact of their business data and develop learning, training and networking opportunities, with other focused community members and partners. Thus allowing the opportunity to ensure that future business opportunities can be fully explored and developed.

All our community members will have access to business professionals who have worked in the industry and who fully understand the business needs of both large and very small organisations. The Apsis community team have a wide range of experience that covers all the roles required to be undertaken by a successful business operating in the Built Environment. Whether this is risk planning and project management or estimating and resource planning or even providing enhanced procurement opportunities to lower the cost of materials used on your project. Apsis is committed to developing the skills, information and opportunity to fully support our community members through continued professional development, specifically aimed at meeting the community needs and to enhance your business success potential.

Apsis Community Partners