February 2, 2020 | 2years | Doctor Spanners Toolbox

Welcome to the first Doctor’s Casebook from Apsis Business Components. Over the next few weeks I will give an insight into the ailments and complaints that are facing the industry, along with hopefully some sound advice and guidance to remedy these problems.

This week we are going to look at those few words which all new businesses dread and never want to hear.

Across most industries and sectors, there is always an infatuation about the price of the products, goods or services which a business provides. However, as every supplier, sales agent, estimator, commercial or construction manager who works in the construction industry will undoubtedly hear, time and time again, is the infamous phrase from the customer…. “I like what you're offering, but YOUR PRICE IS TOO HIGH!!!!”

Although I have a relatively thick skin, from many years of being on the receiving end of this phrase, and admittedly during my time as a Procurement Manager uttering those words repeatedly as part of my standard negotiation repartee; this week, with the launch of the Apsis One-Share, a new phase was thrown across the Doctor’s surgery.

“I love your product. It has so many features and functions and looks really good, but at £100 per licence YOUR PRICE IS TOO LOW!!!!.” Even for me I must admit that I could not contain my surprise, and this was hard for me to hear.

What the patient (sorry I mean customer) really meant was that they had made a subconscious decision that the product low price directly related to poor product value.

Disappointingly, the customer failed to fully understand the Apsis Business Components ethos, before making their value judgement.

At Apsis we are committed to providing a product that is not only affordably priced to all businesses, but also dedicated to delivering increased service, quality, features and functionality to those organisations that normally cannot afford to have these benefits within their business.

In conjunction with our community, Apsis aim to provide the total business software solution at the lowest possible price, anywhere in the UK and further afield.

So, the Doctor’s diagnosis this week is to remember that price, HIGH or LOW, although important, it is not directly related to the value or worth of the product, goods or services that you expect to receive. In our case we know that we could charge more money, but this does not relate to our business aspirations to provide affordable, accessible software to every company working in the construction industry, irrespective of size, wealth or technical capability.

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