April 5, 2020 | 2years | Doctor Spanners Toolbox

Trying to describe the mixed and many feelings associated with the events over the last few weeks is not easy. I know from my own personal experience I have gone through the full spectrum of emotions; disbelief, anxiety, fear, hope, excitement, pride.

Clearly not wanting to be dismissive of the enormity in which the current situation has gravely affected so many families I cannot help thinking about how the current events remind me of the journey we all embark on when we encounter change. Whether this change is in our personal life or our business life.

When you are faced with the concept of change there can be a resistance to adoption through disbelief. This disbelief can be driven by a number of factors from simply being dismissive of the need to change or by the anxiety of the unknown of what or how change will impact you.

It is natural to fear change as not everyone can process change at the same level. However, with the correct support and assistance then these initial reservations can easily be managed. Once the acceptance to change is established then hope is the best driver to integrate change. Hope comes in many guises. Irrespective of whether change is in your personal life or your business life hope is always centred around the premise that change will affect a positive impact on the health or wellbeing of the individual or organisation.

By implementing a successful change programme, the excitement level increases as the change goal starts to become achievable. With this increased level of excitement in the individual or team this normally drives the process when those early achievement start to deliver real results.

Finally, once the change journey has been successfully completed the feeling of pride is sometime hard to contain and rightly so. To be proud of one own personal or business achievements should be shared.

You are probably now asking what this has to do with a HIP REPLACEMENT. Well its simple. I see a large number of small business hobbling around, enduring pain and who are in denial that a simple operation could breed new life into there business in as little as 6-8 weeks. Just look with what has been achieved in constructing the new NHS hospitals up and down the country when we accept that we need to adopt radical change to survive a crisis.

Apsis One-share has been developed, by the Doctor, to assist supporting business change and decision making. Apsis can be installed for FREE during the current lockdown period to ensure that your business can use this time to adopt positive change to deliver future success by increasing productivity and profitability.

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