March 9, 2020 | 2years | Doctor Spanners Toolbox


Last week the Doctor carried out several home visits to businesses to discuss the challenges that they had when trying to re-programme their resources on projects that might be affected by the Coronavirus.

Planning of a project takes a huge amount of intelligence and knowledge. This specialist role within the construction sector can take years of training to be able to accurately predict and plan a complex project. Therefore, when changes happen that can have a global impact to project resources and timeline it can be a real test of the intelligence of the planner but also a create huge demands on management resources.

This issue does not only impact large organisations but every business irrespective of size. However, the impact can be felt greater on small organisations because these businesses may not have the resource or capacity to constantly re-plan or re-programme the project.

Although Doctor Spanners could not offer any advice on treating the Coronavirus he was at hand to provide a treatment to assess the impact on a programme when the resources are suddenly altered.

In this casebook it is definitely a case of actions speaks louder than words so why don’t you visit our YouTube channel and see how Apsis One-Share software re-programmed a project with over 14 million operative hours in under 5 minutes

So don’t let events like the Coronavirus Test your Intelligence simply pop along and see the Doctor.

Apsis One-Share has been developed, by the Doctor, to assist project managers by supporting business intelligence and decision making and can be installed for a single one off cost of £100.

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